Our Services

Intellectual Property Strategy

With Metayage IP Strategy Consulting LLP, the buck doesn’t stop with just filing. We value your IP assets as much as you do and that’s why we believe in creating a strategic roadmap for your entire IP portfolio so that you can derive maximum benefits out of your investment. The IP Strategy links the vision of your company and its business objectives like differentiation, valuation, profit maximization, global expansion etc., and outlines how IP can be leveraged for business goals.

International Patent Protection

When you engage Metayage even for filing a provisional patent application in India, you get access to expertise that is global right from day one. Our provisional, complete, and PCT applications are prepared keeping in mind best practices of the USPTO, EPO, UKIPO, SIPO, & APO amongst others. Our network of trusted foreign associates and international patent strategies ensure strongest protection in key markets while optimizing timelines and minimizing budgets.

Actionable Intelligence

Whether your business requirement is Due diligence, licensing, R&D Optimization, SWOT analysis or Freedom To Operate, Metayage IP Strategy Consulting LLP strategically combines specific information gathered from industry sources and patent and/or non patent information applied with specific objectives and intent to derive actionable intelligence that goes beyond mere graphical representations and data visualizations to provide recommendations.

Trademark Services

Your brand is a key IP asset and reflects your company’s identity. Right from choosing the right trademark that is distinctive, to selecting the rights classes and descriptions, searching for conflicting marks, avoiding potential third party infringment issues, and protecting your unique brand identity, Metayage’s team of trademark experts advise you and help protect your valuable brands in India, the US, as well in various other countries.

US Patent Protection

We are a team of patent attorneys and techincal experts with hands on experience working with US patent law firms, who have been trained by US patent attorneys on US patent application preparation and prosecution right from drafting to grant. Our proactive approach to patent claim drafting ensures optimum patent protection for the client and a speedy patent grant. Some of our patent drafts have led to granted claims during the very first office action itself.

Design Registrations

When you are building physical products, apart from functionality, the form, shape and ornamental characteristics provide visual appeal to the products.  Our design experts advise you on what aspects of your product can be protected through design registrations and design patents, clearly define what inputs we need from you, and handle the entire process from filing to grant, so that you can focus on product innovation, knowing that your design is in safe hands.