Case studies

Metayage has been engaged with Saankhya Labs (which has been funded by Intel Capital) since their inception, as their IP counsel and IP firm right from Identifying, classifying and prioritizing to protecting their IP assets. 13 US patents have been granted. Metayage worked collaboratively with 5 different US IP firms and 1 firm in the UK for building this strategic patent portfolio in the US, India, and Europe.



– Cyberliver Limited is a UK company focused on technology for liver health. They had filed a UK patent by engaging a PhD patent attorney from a London based leading patent firm for their product Alcochange. The search report from the UK IP office suggested that the subject matter was not patentable. They then consulted Metayage for a second opinion on their patent application.  Metayage’s contribution was by a) identifying 3 inventions from the single patent application, b) revising the UK patent claims to focus on the technical aspects and preparing a response to the UK IPO search report, and c) preparing and filing 2 US patent applications covering the software and business aspects also. The first US patent for the combination of the hardware and software has been granted in the US already.

Metayage offered the option of continuing to work with the same London based firm and attorney for reviewing and filing the draft claims and response to the search report prepared by Metayage. However the client wanted to explore other options. Then Metayage worked with Jonathan Jackson, partner of D Young & Co, who reviewed the draft and filed the response with the UK IPO. Metayage was able to identify other non-technical but commercially viable innovations that were not patentable in the UK but patentable in the US, and prepare and file those inventions in the US

A leading UK IP firm focusing on Biotech patents has been working with Metayage since 2007 for complex patent searches including Freedom to Operate, Patentability, Landscape, and State of the art searches related to nucleic acid amplification, peptide ligand drug conjugates, adeno detection tests, Anoscopes, Antimicrobial meshes, ophthalmic compositions, Apolipoproteins, Target secretory inhibitors etc



A Chicago based life sciences consulting firm, engaged Metayage to advise their client a bio pharmaceutical company at the Barcelona Science Park on their market entry strategy in India.  Their business model was based on licensing products developed from their proprietary drug re purposing technology platform. They needed advice on identifying and overcoming barriers due to existing IP of third parties in India, EP and the US. Also, given that the IP laws in relation to new uses of known drugs, new forms, methods of treatment etc in India are different from EP and the US, they needed customized advice on how to strengthen their IP protection in India for licensing in India.


Metayage helped them to identify potential business related issues derived from IP information and Indian patent laws, to determine an appropriate patenting strategy for them in India, and took steps to strengthen their patent position by rewriting and amending customized claims for their PCT application (which would be the basis for national phase entry in India and other countries). Also, Metayage identified patents that affected freedom to operate (in EP, US and India) for their compounds along with their proposed uses and compositions, in order to identify and mitigate barriers to entry and litigation threats in these countries.