IP Audit

We understand the need of our clients to identify and create the best possible IP portfolio that works in line with the business strategy of the company and could prove as a valuable asset in long run.

Through our expert lenses we identify the requirement for an Intellectual asset to qualify for patent protection, and the scope of the protection which can be ideally obtained for an invention. 

Our skilled IP strategy consultant will identify and often claim a high level of legal protection for often overlooked or technically not so complex improvements that, however provide a competitive advantage and are hence worth protecting.  

A skilled IP strategy consultant who places the business strategy first. Periodic IP Audits ensure that: 

 a.     IP is identified and protected before it is too late. 

b.     The value of the IP is correctly estimated. 

c.     The scope of protection that can be obtained for the IP is gauged accurately. 

d.     The strongest level of protection for valuable IP is obtained.