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Identification of name entities via search, determination of alternative searches, and automatic integration of data across a computer network for dynamic portal generation



A dynamic portal generation system includes an indexing module that indexes structured and unstructured data in a database. The database includes information residing in associated standalone applications having documents from information sources, and a name-entity repository that includes name entities and their corresponding name-entity types. A search module searches the information residing in the indexed information to obtain a search result. A name-entity extraction module extracts a matching name-entity that corresponds to a name-entity in the name-entity repository. A portal generation module dynamically generates a portal triggered by the search query. The portal generation module aggregates the search result by a type or a source to form search result segments, renders data extracted from the search result segments in corresponding formats, integrates relevant actions corresponding to search result segments and displays actionable portlets that enable the user to perform additional operations on the information residing in associated standalone applications.

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  • June 29, 2016