Real Time Authentication of Payment Cards

Abstractreal time

An authentication sever (108) to authenticate real time a transaction associated with an electronic card performed by a user 102 subscribed to an authentication service having a user subscription database (202) on the authentication server 108 is provided. The authentication server (108) executes including obtaining a confirmation that the user (102) is subscribed to the authentication service, generating a verification code real time triggered by the transaction associated with the electronic card, communicatuig the verification code to a mobile communication device (104 A-B) associated with the user, processing a verification message based on the verification code and a mobile communication device information associated with the mobile communication device (104 A-B),; and authenticating the transaction if the verification message and the mobile communication device information matches an information associated with the user subscription database. The verification message and the mobile communication device information are obtained from the mobile communication device (104A-B) real time.

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  • June 29, 2016