Nurture, leverage, and harvest your Intellectual Property

We help our clients build high value strategic International Patent portfolios in a cost effective manner by leveraging the expertise of our team in India and our network of trusted associates around the world. We have got over 100 US patents granted for our clients at a success rate of 92%.

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Our Services

Metayage acts as an extended in-house IP department and also doubles up as an external IP firm. Our services encompass the entire IP life cycle right from IP Identification to Monetization.

International Patent Protection

We get speedy patent grants in all major markets around the world

IP Due Diligence

An IP Diligence identifies IP assets, key factors that affect their value, IP ownership, and risks due to infringement of third party IP rights

R&D optimization

We help R&D teams develop a strategic technology roadmap that will maximize Return on Investment in R&D

Patent Monetization

We assist patent owners and their IP departments in finding potential licensees and negotiating licensing deals based on an accurate valuation

Patent Intelligence

We provide actionable intelligence based on patent data for Competitive Intelligence, Freedom to Operate, and Invalidating patents of competitors

Trade Marks

We enhance your brand value and exclusivity by registering your valuable brand names, logos, and product names as Trade marks in key markets

Introduction to Metayage

Metayage IP was founded in 2006, with the vision to bridge gaps between ideas and their implementation. Metayage is a French word for the cultivation of land for a landowner by a farmer who receives a proportion of the produce. Metayage IP builds a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients to cultivate and maximize their Intellectual asset value.  We have nurtured IP assets across multiple rounds of funding to harvest successful exits. Like farmers in the Metayage system, we have cultivated ideas at the seed stage which have yielded granted patents in multiple countries.


International patent portfolio in the US, EPO, India, Japan, Canada, China etc. 9 US patents granted.
17 US patents granted, related to AI driven data warehousing and analytics for Business Intelligence.

Prosecuted and conducted patent valuation that includes 25 granted US patents, and patents in India, Europe, Japan, and South Korea.

Acted as an in-house patent counsel for their portfolio companies such as Omnivor and Trusted Key (acquired by Workday, Inc).

Conducted patent due diligence on Freedom to Operate and Patentability prior to Venture Capital Investment in deep tech startup.

Our Team

At Metayage IP, teamwork is a core value. Our strengths are our processes and teamwork. Within the team, we thrive due to collaboration, not competition. Projects are handled by a cross functional team that includes a patent attorney and a technology domain expert. Our patent professionals have worked on the entire patent prosecution cycle right from patent preparation to responding to examination reports or office actions, hearings and examiner interviews, which gives them an edge over others. We empower our team members to take charge of driving successful outcomes, nurturing client relationships, and maximizing customer success.

US patent agent

Registered to practice before the USPTO, having MSEE, and Inventor in 7 US patents


With cumulative patent prosecution experience of over 35 years


Specializing in Copyrights, Trademarks, Open Source, Licensing, and Agreements


In Computer Science, Electronics, Medical, Mechanical, Chemistry, and Life Sciences

Why Metayage

Our Offices

Our 4 offices in India are all located at incubators inside campuses of leading Engineering colleges. Our US office is located at Redmond, Washington, well connected to hubs of entrepreneurial activity in deep technologies like Bellevue and Seattle. 

Our first strategic office within an incubator was set up at the PSG-STEP incubator in 2008. Subsequently, we have set up offices at incubators such as Global Incubation Services, VIT-TBI, CIE at IIIT-Hyderabad, and AIC-DSU at Dayanand Sagar University. 

We act as an extended IP cell, IP Facilitation centre, and strategic IP partner for the faculty, students, incubator, and startups within the ecosystem. We have enabled leading institutes of higher learning to become centres of IP excellence through our strategic presence within these incubators.


AIC-DSU incubation center, 1st floor, A Block, Dayananda Sagar University, Kudlu Gate, Hosur Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068


CIE, Vindhya C4, IIIT Hyderabad Campus, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana: 500032


No. 501A, E Block, 4th Floor, PSG STEP, PSG College of Technology, Peelamedu, Coimbatore 641004 Tamilnadu, India


VIT-TBI, VIT University, Vellore – 632 014, Tamilnadu, India