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TITLE: Method and system of registering a user device with a dynamically self-optimizing communication network





Abstract : Various methods and systems for establishing a connection between a user device and a base station (BS) in a dynamically self-optimizing communication network and methods and systems for handover of the user device from a first BS to a second BS is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method for establishing connection includes initializing user device, identifying a channel and a modulation scheme, receiving virtual machine (VM) primitives and registering by user device with the network based on the VM primitives. The method of handover includes generating by the first BS, a network implementation instruction for user device to adapt to second BS, downloading the network implementation instruction to user device to provide information regarding when to start executing the instruction, communicating by first BS to second BS an intimation regarding completion of handover of user device and informing second BS as to when to take over the user device.