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Title: Air decontamination device




Abstract: An air decontamination device (100) comprising: an input unit (102); an output unit (103); and a decontamination unit (104) coupled at a first end (122) to the input unit (102) and coupled at a second end (124) to the output unit (103). The decontamination unit (104) comprises: pairs of conducting plates (108), where one conducting plate of each pair is for being positively charged and the other conducting plate of each pair is for being negatively charged. The positively charged plate and negatively charged plate are separated to form an airflow path (212) and a 3D material (110) that is capable of being potentiated by static electric field is coupled to each side of conducting plate (108). When the static electric filed is applied, the surface moieties of the 3D material (110) are realigned to a direction of the static electric field to potentiate the antimicrobial activity of the 3D material (110) for destroying the microbes present in the received air.