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Title: System and method for generating a rich persistent conversation history using a communication protocol


US 10706235


A method for generating a rich persistent conversation history from structured and unstructured information using a communication protocol is provided. The method includes (i) receiving media contents associated with conversations from messaging channels, (ii) selecting a set of selected messaging channels from where the media contents are received, (iii) demarcating boundaries in each of the media contents associated with the conversations based on an activity of users, (iv) inserting segmentation demarcations to a first conversation to differentiate the first conversation from a second conversation, (v) determining communication elements for each conversation associated with the segmentation demarcations on each messaging channel, (vi) generating a conversation snippet by linking the communication elements for each messaging channel, (vii) linking conversation snippets to generate a segment associated with the conversation for each messaging channel using lexical and non-lexical features and (viii) generating the rich persistent conversation history by linking segments from the messaging channels.