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Title: Continuous Cardiac Monitoring And Real-Time Episode Detection System




Abstract : A system and method for cardiac monitoring, which provides real time analysis, is enclosed. The system includes a memory unit, a processor that executes the set of modules. The set of modules includes a live cardiac monitor module (302), a clinical analysis module (306), a ST analysis display module (308), and an episode categorization and display module (308). The live cardiac monitor module (302) may continuously monitor and display the current condition of the patient (102) during an ECG diagnosis. In another embodiment, the clinical analysis module (306) simultaneously conducts a real-time arrhythmia analysis and a ST analysis on a same set of data during an ECG monitoring to detect episodes. The episode categorization and display module (310) categorizes and displays the detected episodes of the patient (102) in different colors that indicate a level of severity of each detected episodes.