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Title: Portable intelligent controlling system for machines


US 9971343


ABSTRACT:  A portable plug-and-play intelligent system for monitoring and controlling process variations of a workpiece of a machine is provided. The portable plug-and-play intelligent system includes one or more sensors, a controller, a work piece, a plug & play modular fixture with a motor, a database, a comparison unit, and a control unit. The one or more sensors collect real-time data of the workpiece from the machine. The controller processes the real-time data collected from the one or more sensors. The database stores the processed real-time data. The comparison unit compares the real-time data of the workpiece with predefined specifications of the workpiece to check whether the real-time data is accurate or not. The control unit triggers the motor to allow the plug-and-play modular fixture to adjust the parameter variables of the machine to the predefined specifications of the workpiece when the real-time data is not accurate.